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J81 - Tuesday, January 5: Gargallo (Marker 194 N211) - Caspe

77.00km  9H36’
Altitude 152m
« It’s all downhill, Serge isn’t an angel but he has wings » signed Laure
The weather is overcast but no rain until…..the temperature is 3°C
7:04 AM, Serge leaves in a rage after a clash with Laure, there is 200% motivation.  There will be progress today.
In 50km, we will reach Alcaniz.  But before that we have to climb a bit in order to descend to the valleys of the Rio Guadalope, then the Rio Ebro, and its delta on the Mediterranean.  But, off we go; Serge runs and runs some more, and this morning he misses his 4-wheel drive (humor) so he does like the kids and pretends he is driving a car.  When we pass him he shouts vroom, vroom and holds the steering wheel in two hands.  We have told him to be careful because he is driving on the left side of the road!
There is a rich variety of scenery: lots of rounded hills, of which many are cultivated right to the top while others are arid and some are wooded.  But the fog doesn’t lift.  The impression we will keep of Spain is very dull.  It’s too bad.  Now, at km 30, the rain has returned, a heavy drizzle that soaks us.  We are only at an altitude of 400 meters and we can see olive and fruit trees.  It doesn’t help dry our feet and the ventilator in the van is on high for us and for the bit of laundry we did, which includes dish towels.  In the last 10 Km traffic has increased because there are more roads toward the north and north-east.  The rain stops after we cross Alcaniz, around 2:00 PM.  Another beautiful day! After all, it’s winter.  Maybe we will be lucky and make it to Caspe without rain.
In any case, the fields are full of water and we can’t safely park wherever we like.  At Km 66 we leave the Province of Teruel and enter the Province of Zaragoza.  It’s like a lunar landscape, arid with piles of stones.  It’s almost like Arizona, with huge towers of red rock.  In some places the plateau is worn from winds that have roared into sorts of canyons because there are no trees.  The tall grass and small shrubs are shaken and flattened with great violence.  We can just perceive the valley of the Ebro between two mountain ranges on the horizon.  And our runner makes it to Caspe.   It’s the end of another stage.
Signed René
Tomorrow: Mequinenza N211, then Seros and Soses, Alcarras (N IIa), direction Lleida

Town : Caspe (Province de Zaragoze)

GPS : N41.23905° W000.06012°