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J82 - Wednesday, January 6: Caspe – Between Alcarras and Lleida

78.91km  10H17’
Altitude 177m
6000km     81 days 5 hours and 25 minutes

At the same time that Normandy wakes to find snow (with a record 17 cm where we live, the Pays de Caux, we wake to a clear night which leads us to believe that the day will be beautiful. This 82nd day is beautiful; 6000 km are clocked at km 65.  Serge maintains his progress and surprises us by deciding not to stop at the 75th kilometer.  The weather is beautiful and it’s not late, two good reasons to keep going.   These one thousand kilometers were done in 13 days 3 hours and 19 minutes, at a racing pace and faster than the preceding “thousand.”
This morning at km 10, Alberto came to run 10 km with Serge before joining his family to celebrate Epiphany, a holiday where everything is closed.  Even the filling stations, which are normally open, are almost all closed.
We enter the Autonomous Community of Catalonia and the Province of Lleida without realizing it because there is no sign to distinguish between the two regions.  Once we have passed Mequinensa and the Rio El Sege we are there.  The capital of Catalonia is Barcelona and there are 4 provinces.  Spanish is spoken as well as Catalan and in certain places Arainais, which is a variant of the Occitan language.  The scenery is enhanced by a superb blue sky and the whole team takes the time to contemplate the beauty.  Only René can’t seem to get warm at the end of the stage.
Just a word about the challenge of the Helio Service Company of Mont Saint Aignan in the Seine-maritime Department in France.  The Director, Eric, and all his colleagues add up the highest number of kilometers they do in any sport: biking, rowing, running, walking, etc., etc.  On January 3, after a short break during the holidays, they have accumulated 1,615 km.   Congratulations and keep up the good work!
The adventure is still going on.

Tomorrow: Lleida – Balaguer – Cubells - Ponts

Town : Borne 458,5 sur la Nationale II (Province de Lleida)

GPS : N41.59632° W000.59507°