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J83 - Thursday, January 7: Between Alcarras and Lleida - Ponts

72.17km  9H46’
Altitude 371m
There is rain followed by snow showers as we approach the mountains.  There are lots of cars with skis on the roof, in both directions, and cattle trucks full of hogs, which leave the « sweet » smell of the sty in their wake.  We know that the shelves of the super markets will be full of ham.  And during this time Serge is having a cold shower.  Today he is wearing long pants, a hat and gloves.
At Km 40, we are surprised to see Serge with Paco, a dentist, who cancelled several appointments to run with Serge.  11 km later he turns around and goes back to get his car.  It’s the only spice in our day.  Later, René says “the rain makes the scenery so dull that we don’t even want to look at it”.
Information concerning food :
Generally speaking, Serge eats whatever he likes or feels like eating because he needs to keep sources of delight.
Since our return to Spain, he hasn’t eaten any fruit: no kiwi in the morning, no fruit compotes, no fruit salad (homemade).  He continues to drink fresh fruit juice in the morning, that’s all.
His nourishment is as follows:  1 breakfast – 15 refuelings – 1 evening meal.
Breakfast:  1 fruit juice, 1 weak coffee (American style) with sugar, buttered toast and/or croissants or rolls and usually muesli with a soy yogurt.
The 15 refuelings:
The sweet:  Madeleine cakes, nougat bars, almond bars, energy compotes, chocolate, sesame seed bars, vanilla or chocolate or praline puddings and rice pudding.
The salty: 2 to 3 plates of ham-sausage-cheese-chips, homemade salads mostly rice based, pasta or potatoes and if it’s cold hot dishes like thick soups, which Joël prepares with care and which Serge eats with pleasure. For those we can use eggs, ground beef, potatoes, chicken, ham, grated cheese which are added to freeze dried meals, which means menus are varied.    In order for him to keep going, It is essential  that Serge eat or swallow 4000Kcals per day, it is the minimum and it’s up to the “follower responsible for feeding” to rack his brain as how best to stimulate Serge’s appetite during the day. There is a hot plate, 1 frying pan, one sauce pan, in the camper and 4 thermos bottles of hot water which the “Dupondt” prepare every morning.
The evening meal :  Normally a starter (salads, assorted cold meats or soup), a plate of white or red meat accompanied by starches mixed with vegetables, cheese and a desert such as a chocolate pudding or no desert at all.  Beer accompanies the meal, for pleasure.

Tomorrow: « La Seu d’Urgell – At the border of Andorra

Town : Ponts

GPS : N41.91577° W001.18454°