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J87 - Monday, January 11: La Bastide de Serou +4km - Castelnau-Durban +2km

No comment – a day to forget
7.17km  1H47’
Altitude 472m
No, there isn’t a figure missing after the 7 !  And we aren’t on strike either….
After an almost sleepless night, spent between bed and the toilet, vomiting and evacuating, Serge can’t stand up this morning.
At 9:30 I give him a capsule of Vogalène because he is still nauseated, 1 capsule of Lorapamide, for the diarrhea, and 2 capsules of Ultralevure to calm his ill-treated intestines.
So, looking like an empty plastic bottle, Serge tries to find a bit of relief.  Because we need to know the reason for everything, it seems that too much heat, which made him take off his wind breaker and his long pants, even though it was freezing (in spite of the brilliant sunshine), has something to do with it.  And Serge admits, “I was cold yesterday”.  Last night at dinner he ate a big slice of pâtĂ© and a desert with whipped cream, preceded by an enormous lamb chop.  He felt a bit nauseated after all that and I admit that I force him to eat well.  It will serve as a lesson to me because Serge knows and feels his body better than anyone.  His stomach is not able to accept large quantities of food.  An accumulation of fatigue also weakened his resistance….
JoĂ«l shoveled around the camper for 30 minutes without success; it did not want to leave its spot.  Luckily, he found a good soul, Mr. Lebian, who will tow us out of here.  This morning RenĂ© and I tried to find a specialized garage that could change the oil of the van but without success.  On this unusual day, we are trying to put our free time to good use.
The camper is on the highway, Serge is too.  After walking 4 km, swinging his arms to propel his body, Serge is dragging his legs.  He is frozen and gets into the van to warm up before starting his 3 km walk.  He couldn’t eat anything this morning.  Very reasonably, he decides to end his day and go to bed.  Naturally, we are all in agreement.
This afternoon, we had the pleasure, after a month and a half, of going to the Laundromat in Saint-Girons.  The “Dupondt” went to stock up on Bolinos (freeze dried meals), custards, rice with milk and soups, which Serge consumes in great quantity right now.  An appointment has been made for the camper’s oil change, which has put 13,000 km on the odometer, since we left Paris on October 17.
I am not worried, because Serge has enormous resources and we are not pressed for time, since we are circling Toulouse.  The “Piggy Bank” as Lee calls it, has not collected many cents in the last 3 days and Serge is weeping about his average.  Tomorrow is another day, with a return to normal, i.e. a day of almost 70 km, which will take us to Mane by the D117, then to Saint-Gaudens by the D21.
For the past two days we have encountered disconnection problems with the beacon but today on this mini-stage everything seems to be back to normal…

Town : Castelnau-Durban (Ariège)

GPS : N42.99641° W001.31023°