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J89 - Wednesday, January 13: Villeneuve-de-Rivière - Tarbes

63.20km - 8H48'
Altitude 332m
This evening we are in the Haute-Pyrénées Department, the 3rd of the four that we will cross in the Midi-Pyréenées Region (there are a total of 8).  Our stage finishes in Tarbes, which is the prefecture.  We are discovering this region with pleasure and today even Serge is charmed by the mountain chain, which is dominated by the Pic du Midi de Bigorre with its observatory that watches over us all day long.  After a night of rain and wind, the sun is back, accompanied by warmer temperatures that we are glad to have all day long.  Serge eats normally until km 40, when, once again, nothing stays down.  Things get better each day, and without a lot of sudden stops we are more comfortable.
We have an encounter that starts badly but ends well: the van parks at the entrance to a factory, without blocking the access, but a woman tells the "Dupondt" twice that they have to move; however, they have decided to stay there.  So a man comes out to make these intruders move.  Very diplomatically, René and Joël explain why they are going to wait there for a few minutes more.  The tone becomes friendlier, to the point that the man gives the team the specialty that is made in the factory in front of which they are parked:  A Pyrenees Rock, a layered cake which is cooked on a skewer, layer by layer, in front of a wood fire.
Concerning Saturday, I know the weekend is a good time for jogging and sports, so for those who wish to accompany Serge, the route will be posted online Friday evening.  Don't forget to localize Serge on the net before you leave in order to find him.
Tomorrow: exit from Tarbes by the D7 (Borderes sur l'Echez) to Maubourguet - D943 to Montesquiou, passing by Marciac.

Town : Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrénées)

GPS : N43.21971° W000.07875°