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J90 - Thursday, January 14: Tarbes - Bassoues

62.09km – 8H35'
Altitude 167m
I forgot to mention something important.  To fight against his intestinal upset, in addition to wishing for a toilet on which to rest his humble posterior, for the past 3 days, in his coffee, Serge has been taking 2 teaspoons of Fructoline, a powder of soluble plant fibers, primarily the natural extract of chicory root (for more information click on the band concerning the partners at the bottom of the page "Around Europe", then click on the Fructoline icon).
In spite of everything, and with 2 doses of "Smecta" every day, he is slowly getting back into shape, but it remains difficult for him to eat after the 40th kilometer.
Even if I am accustomed to the "leanness" of his body, I find Serge extremely thin and last night I got out the scale for the 2nd time since our departure.  He weighs 54.5 kg (just over 120 pounds)...this episode is leaving a space.
We cross Tarbes at 8:00 AM, in a stream of traffic.  This is a city of the military and it has an old-fashioned and pleasant charm.
At km 20, it starts to rain and doesn't stop.  Serge changes his gloves 3 times, the frogmen followers are back and the umbrellas in use.  We are now in the Gers, a rural department with magnificent villages:  Marciac (known for its international jazz festival), Bassoues, with its ancient market and keep.  The D943 leads us away from the snow capped Pyrenees Mountains, but is seems that when the weather is clear they are still visible.
We have a surprise visit at Km 40 from Daniel, who often sends us e-mails.  He missed us yesterday in his village, Barbazan-Debat, and would have liked to run a few kilometers with Serge.  Today he came to greet Serge from the road side and to bring us a bottle of Champagne, which we will have no trouble keeping chilled.  Thanks Daniel.
Tomorrow: Montesquiou, Barran, Auch, Pessan, Samatan
For the day after tomorrow, the 16th, the day we arrive in Toulouse: Samatan, Rieumes, Saint Clar de Rivière, Seysses, Cugnaux, Toulouse. The detailed route will be on line tomorrow evening.

Town : Bassoues (Gers)

GPS : N43.58311° W000.25743°