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J92 - Saturday, January 16: Samatan – Toulouse (Place du Capitole)

62.73km – 8 H11’
Altitude 166m
A modest start at Samatan.  Serge does not feel well, he has a stomach ache.  3 runners are here: Gaël, Corinne and Didier.  Serge isn’t sullen but he isn’t talkative because he is absorbed by his pain.  He excuses himself for not being more communicative with his fellow runners.
Then Philippe joins Serge before Saint Clar de Rivière and at Seysses: Evelyne and Nadia.  There is a meeting scheduled at 4:00 PM at l’Ile Ramier near the casino.  Serge arrives 20 minutes in advance and takes the time to rest before taking to the road with at least 10 runners who are not affected by the rain.
It’s hard to name everyone without forgetting someone:  A few will see themselves in the photos, except for Oscar who is hiding?
2 quick glances at the day:  Patrick, who ran with Serge last Sunday when he crossed Foix, is back, while his wife shops the sales.  From Fieu, the Rambaud family, Alain and his tribe, have actively followed us since the start of the race; first a visit in Caen, then an organized crossing in the Gironde Department and now this visit in the “Pink City.”
The streets are crowded because last Saturday the snow kept more than one pilgrim from the shops and it appears that everyone is catching up today…
On this subject, does Serge see life through rose colored glasses?  I don’t know, but the warm welcome extended upon our arrival by the CJD team of Toulouse, with the participation of the UFF, made him look happy.  He receives the medal of the city from the hands of the assistant director of sports, who warns him that the road between Castres and Carcassonne is far from flat.  So Serge now knows that the stage tomorrow will not be easy.
This evening René is packing his bags because tomorrow he will leave us for a well-earned rest, after more than 3 months on the European Race.  He was with us before the start on October 17, to prepare the vehicles, especially the van.  René is king of his kingdom and we hope that we, his courtiers, will maintain the level of the famous green submarine during the king’s short absence.  “Have a good rest and come back to us in fine form”.  Eliane arrives this evening with her perpetual energy and will be with us for two weeks.
Life is in full swing on the Around Europe Race, far from the French and international headlines.  There is one thing we know about and without having to see pictures which illustrate the extent of such a disaster, our sympathy goes to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

Tomorrow: Toulouse Etap Hotel Cité de l’espace 2 – N126 - Puylaurens – Soual – D621- Viviers-les-Montagnes - Labruguière

Town : Toulouse (Haute Garonne)

GPS : N43.60451° W001.44377°