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J93 - Sunday, January 17: Toulouse (Place du Capitole) – Labruguière

69.59km – 8 H36’
Altitude 193m
Departure is from Space City and for the second time since the beginning of our adventure, Serge leaves from a point that is different from the arrival point the previous evening.  This is a race where it’s a question of running a certain number of kilometers, therefore marathons, in a pre-determined time, which is different from his most recent races: point-to-point in a minimum of time and every centimeter must be connected  to the next.  While on the subject, I suggested to Serge that he run around our house for 365 days, thereby attaining his objective without too much bother.  I don’t know why, he didn’t like my idea and as we had to find a sports field, Europe was a natural: so near and yet not very well known to us.  Besides, if he had run around our house we would have missed all these wonderful encounters.
Eric and his chocolate treats (personal message, I need your e-mail); Michel, Francis and Alain who came to spend a few hours with us before saying goodbye and until next time; Bernard, who came to sign his book; Nathalie and Denis (the latter who is leaving to bike around Israel next month) and then an almost surprise visit from students in Saint-Médard-de-Guizières l.
It is a story which could have started and ended on November 19, when Serge went through a town on the road between Le Fieu and Bordeaux.  Since then, the very enthusiastic students of the 5th class (12 – 13 year olds) have been in touch with us via the Internet.  On the kiosk of the Jeanne d’Arc School , there is a map of Europe showing Serge’s route, which the students follow.  We received an e-mail from one student saying he would come with other students to run with Serge near Toulouse.  We thought it was a wish more than reality because we had not been contacted by any adult.  Well, it was true because at 1:35 PM, after a four-hour trip, 5 cars stopped by the camper and out stepped 15 students and 8 adults: David and Jacques, the parents of 2 students, teachers and staff members (Martine, Babeth, Vincent, Anne, Claudette and Hervé).  They were all as motivated as the children to make the trip.
Marc, Pauline, Axel, Bastien, Baptiste, Kalim, Damien, Evan, Mohamed, Wilfried, Valentin, Romain, Pierre, Jean-Baptiste et Kevin  run in relay over 26.5 km, by stage of 3 for almost 5 km and they all run their relay to the end.
Serge is happy and feels good but I try not to cry victory because one day doesn’t not make the next and you can think everything is fine when it isn’t…. so let’s take advantage of the beautiful day; the sun is with us, which is a very positive element in the European race.
Eliane «a member of the support team » and Michel «cameraman » arrived in Toulouse yesterday.  They are fine and happy to be part of this animated day.
Tomorrow : Labruguière – Aussillon – Mazamet (N12) – Les Martys – Cuxac-Cabardès – Carcassonne (D118)
Tracé du jour avec Google Earth
Tracé de demain sur Google Map le départ ne se fera pas de Castres mais de Labruguière

Town : Labruguière (Tarn)

GPS : N43.53841° W002.26323°