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J94 - Monday, January 18: Labruguière - Carcassonne

59.78km – 7 H35’
Altitude 146m
A late start this morning for a short stage and we say goodbye to our hostesses of last night who were kind enough to wash and dry laundry for us.  What luxury!
The sky is clear and the Tarn countryside is splendid under a dusting of frost. After Mazamet, the black mountain is crossed at a run with SĂ©bastien, who makes hops with his car and dog, Duna: “a few kilometers in the car, then I come back running, I join Serge, I get my car and on and on…”  We leave the Tarn and the Midi-PyrĂ©nĂ©es Region and at the town of Les Martys we are in the Aude Department and the Languedoc-Roussillon Region.  A few piles of snow are a reminder of what fell last week.  Serge is in great shape; he takes some clothes off, he smiles and moves ahead with pleasure.  His eating is almost normal……
At the foot of the Black Mountain and facing the Pyrenees Mountains, vineyards stretch out in the sun.  The Poumpils du Cabardès Club (the calves of Cabardès in the Occitan language) comes  to run the last kilometers with Serge and brings a carton of wine from Cabardès, which is near the village of Villegailhenc.  Many thanks.
Serge was able to pit himself against the gallant military of the 3rd Parachute Regiment of Marine Infantry who came out in full force to run the last 15 kilometers.  This company will leave in a few weeks for a four-month mission in Gabon, but today it’s all smiles and relaxed that the company joins our runner.  One thing is sure, the bunch was fast!
So, we take a 30 minute break just outside Carcassonne to wait for the members of the CJD and the police who will escort the group to the city of Carcassonne.
At the doors to the city, a group of children, the mayor and the president of the Community of the Agglomeration wait impatiently for the runners to arrive.  Then the children accompany Serge to the counts’ castle, where we can talk because a small reception has been organized inside.  Thanks to the whole CJD team of Carcassonne that worked to organize this magnificent arrival.  Serge is spoiled because when he leaves his hands are filled with the city’s medal, presented by the mayor, and two bottles of wine from the CJD.  We have enough from the territories crossed to ensure a gastronomic evening!  
For your information, the city of Carcassonne, in particular the castle, the fortifications and the towers belong to the French government and in 1996 became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  There are 52 well housed and protected inhabitants here.  

Tomorrow, an early morning departure, around 6:15, in order to be on time for different  appointments along the route and a stage of almost 81Km: Trebes – Marseillette – Puicheric – Homps – Cabezac – Capestang – Gourgasse – BĂ©ziers 17H30 allĂ©e Paul Riquet across from the CCI (Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Town : Carcassonne (Aude)

GPS : N43.20694° W002.36385°