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J105 - Friday, January 29: Nice – Bussana

69.61km – 9H09’
Altitude : 11m
We leave Nice via the harbor, which is under construction, and take the relatively steep climb on the middle and high corniche up to La Turbie.
Yesterday Arlette and Daniel arrived with a surprise that you will see at 8,000Km.  They also brought a book signed by all the friends from the Pedestrian and Cycling Club of Beuzeville (those kids are nice), who have not forgotten us because their e-mails bring regular news from home.  A beautiful T-shirt signed on the back reminds me that when I get home I will have a lot to do because while I’m getting fat at the wheel of the camper, directing the European race, the gazelles of the club are training hard!
Serge grumbles while he climbs to La Turbie.  He can’t understand why we didn’t take the coastal road through Monaco.  But we wanted to avoid Monaco, its tunnel and fast lane where wide vehicles are not allowed.  A badly parked van would stand out like a sore thumb and we would have had to announce that we were coming through.  Besides, the view from the corniche is magnificent but because he has to climb, Serge can’t enjoy the scenery and rants against me and the team who don’t make his life easy.
After La Turbie there is a slight decline to Roquebrune and Menton.  Once through Old Menton, the watch shows 35.5 km and we are at the old Italian border post.  All the way to Ventimiglia, the road is rather pleasant, then there is a string of urban districts and traffic is hellish to the end.  The vehicles creep through San Remo; guiding Serge and parking become a dangerous exercise.  Daniel drives the van, while Joël continues as guide and refueler.  Arlette spent the morning with me, and then joins the boys at the Italian border until the finish.  This evening we are camping at a seaside parking lot, in Busana.  Normally, this is not permitted but at this time of year there aren’t crowds so we hope nobody will kick us out tonight.
At San Remo, a marker signals a bike path which runs along the coast and avoids the dangerous corniche, the SP1.  At last, 6 quiet kilometers where Joël can run with Serge.
We reach the parking lot and in record time set up camp because Serge is due to arrive any minute. The water doesn’t have time to heat so there will be no shower, we have our meal and at 7:15 the only thing left to do is update the website.  Serge is in bed.  I love camping like this, where no time is lost, it’s quiet and we are near our vehicles.
We all hope that traffic will not be too heavy tomorrow and the cities less spread out; in any case there is no alternate itinerary and we have to take what we find.
Tomorrow: San Lorenzo al Mare – Imperia – Albenga – Loano – Finale Ligure all the way on the SP1.

Town : Bussana (Liguria)

GPS : N43.82671° W007.84223°