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J106 - Saturday, January 30: Bussana – Varigotti

76.04km – 9H29’
Altitude : 18m
This morning on the 3 star parking area, right on the sea, we are surprised to see two other campers parked near us.  Since entering Italy we have passed dozens of campers but it’s nothing compared to the number of cyclists on the SP1.  There is a succession of cities between two narrow and very dangerous corniches and even Serge is aware of the danger.  On hills he runs on the right side because he can hear cars coming from behind, and see to avoid cyclists coming head at top speed around blind curves.   
Cities stretch out over several kilometers and there it’s a completely different problem: sidewalks and curb and the difficulty for the support team to locate Serge when there are pedestrian zones.  Daniel, at the wheel of the van, goes back and forth because he doesn’t know where Serge will reappear on the main road.
Parking is a headache for the team and turning around is another headache.  This evening I was really happy to get out from behind the wheel of the camper after a 4km ascent of narrow, hairpin curves and unauthorized U turns in the hopes of finding a camping site which never materialized.
The arrival of Daniel and Arlette is refreshing and does us a lot of good.  As I have often said, “new blood” brings energy which we all need.
The Italian coast is magnificent.  In addition to the palm trees so characteristic of the Côte d’Azur, since Menton orange trees line the roads of some cities.  The mimosas are in bloom and it’s frustrating not to be able to stop to take photos of the splendid churches, the mimosas, the beautiful scenery, the typical Italian neighborhoods with 3 to 4 story houses with balconies on narrow streets, to say nothing of the truck gardens and the marinas.  Either it is we who are following the good weather or the good weather that is following us, who knows?  The last few days have been very pleasant.
Serge is keeping up a good place, with good mileage, to a point that I was caught waiting one hour for the van in Finale Ligure whereas it had already gone through.  Generally speaking, my calculations are spot on but there Serge surprised me.  I asked him if he didn’t increase his speed on the second part of the day and he said that he didn’t but that for once the road was almost flat…..
Tomorrow: Savonna – Arenzano – Genova ( still on the SP1)

Town : Variggoti (Liguria)

GPS : N44.18167° W008.38405°