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J107 - Sunday, January 31: Varigotti - Genoa

75.07km – 9H42’
Altitude : 2m
The sun is still shining on the European Union race but this morning it isn’t warming the air.  There is an icy wind and the thermometer shows reaches a few degrees above freezing.
Arlette and I go into Genoa, while the men follow the coast at Serge’s rhythm, i.e., 5km hops for every refueling.  Genoa or Genova in Italian is the capital of Liguria, a port city of 700,000 inhabitants stretching for 30 km between the mountains and the sea.  We are glad we can cross it on Sunday when the traffic is not as dense as during the week and yet, the port of Genoa ranks first in Italy and on the Mediterranean along with Marseille.  Serge enters the city at km 49 and only leaves it guided by Daniel and Arlette, who made note and visualized the route this morning.  There was neither the time nor the opportunity to take pictures.  The number of times I have said this will lead you to believe that it upsets me and yes, it does because we would like to share with you all that we see each day.
Gilles from Cannes has just told us that the Croisette woke this morning under a thin white blanket and Lee, from Normandy, tells us that it is snowing there: what a snowy year, which we were spared as we quickly passed through France between Spain and Italy.
Serge has no particular « pain » accept a twinge in his left groin that has been plaguing him for several days.  It’s true that I don’t talk a lot about Serge’s pain because he doesn’t complain much.  There is some all the time; it comes and goes and changes place.  As Serge has often said, you can’t run every day like this without having sore legs.  “The pain never disappears, it just changes place” Serge said this evening.
Toorop : Nervi – Camogli –Rapallo – Sestri Levante – Carradano Superiore

Town : Gênes (Liguria)

GPS : N44.39273° W008.98453°