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J108 - Monday, February 1: Genoa - Carro

73.10km – 9H45’
Altitude : 404m
On D107, last night, Serge clocked 1001 hours on the race; this data is given by the Garmin watch in the category « Rapports ».  If you click on the Garmin icon on this site you can see Serge’s stages with the daily data: mileage, heart beats, ascent, etc., etc.  
1001 hours is not the story of « one thousand and one nights, » it’s the tale of a slow moving caravan  where the days are linked together but where we don’t see the time passing.
1001 hours for 107 days represent an average of 9 hours 21 minutes of race per day for 71.9 km.
1001 hours represent 9 pairs of worn-out shoes.
1001 hours during which there was one stage of 7km and one of 102km.
1001 hours of joy, stress, a few tears, fatigue, joking, meeting people, sharing, solitude, rain, wind and sun.
And speaking of the weather, today we went through 2 seasons in one hour between the sea and the mountains at Sestri Levante:
•    Serge was in shorts and a sweat shirt, the team in light weight clothes for lunch in the sunshine at the seaside.
•    Serge in long pants, knit cap and wind breaker, the team opening umbrellas , then snow and a first: a stop to put chains on the camper (my tank, which I love and hate) and setting up camp on a thin coat of snow.
I think that our friends in the Caux district of Normandy found it unfair that we are getting all the blue sky so they sent us some of the snow that has been falling regularly on them for the past month.
Sestri Levante is a change from the original itinerary along the SP1 road because after 13 km in the direction of the Bracco Pass, the road is closed.  The roads along the sea are too narrow and there are too many tunnels so we had to quickly find another itinerary in the direction of Varese Ligure, before taking the road across the mountain to another pass at km65 and an altitude of 650 meters; 15 km to go from sea level to this altitude, not counting the bumps the first part of the day, and Serge didn’t even complain about the ascent!  A few days ago my dear heart said to me “Spain was a good school for learning about bumps”.
Tomorrow : Ponte Santa Margherita – Borghetto di Vara – then the P10, a secondary road to reach Bottagna – Arcola – then the P432 to Marina di Carrara

Town : Carro (Liguria)

GPS : N44.27322° W009.60448°