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J109 - Tuesday, February 2: Carro – Forte dei Marmi

75.73km – 9H43’
Altitude : 19m
Here we are in Tuscany, the second Italian region we have crossed.
As for Serge, he is not interested in his geographical location because he doesn’t feel like contemplating the scenery.  “I hurt all over” he told me this evening.  Fatigue and an exhausting route today have worn down his resistance.  There was a 4km detour due to a misunderstanding of the route but we don’t have an appointment so there is no danger in delay, we just have to pay attention to the vehicles and changes of direction and always keep in mind that things don’t look the same from a car as they do on foot and Serge doesn’t want to worry about where he is going…..
Traffic is still heavy and the seashore at Marinelle de Sarzana is not very nice because it is lined with private beaches, restaurants, bungalows, etc.,  all of which block the view of the Mediterranean from the road.
Nous avions opté pour reprendre la route SP432 avant Sarzana mais le pont après Ameglia est en travaux et une nouvelle fois, un itinéraire bis sera à instaurer au dernier moment. Ce matin, le fourgon et Serge sont passés moins une avant la fermeture de la SS1 pour cause de réparation d’un affaissement du bas-côté de la route. Le relief montagneux et sans doute les précipitations de l’hiver font pas mal de dégâts : entre éboulements et affaissements, se rajoutent les travaux programmés: il faut jongler avec des panneaux d’avertissement exposés au dernier moment ou pas du tout et aucune déviation de fléchée…
We decide to get back on the SP432 before Sarzana but the bridge after Ameglia is under construction and once again, at the last minute, we have to find an alternate itinerary.  This morning, the van and Serge got through one minute before the SS1 closed so a cave-in at the side of the road can be repaired.  The winter rains cause a lot of damage in this mountainous country:  besides landslides and cave-ins you have to add scheduled works.  We have to juggle with the warning signs which appear at the last minute or not at all and no detour is sign posted……
 It’s quite a sport.
There was heavy frost this morning, then the sun came out and there wasn’t a cloud or any snow in sight.
Tomorrow : Viarreggio – Pise – Arnaccio - Collesalvetti

Town : Forte dei Marmi (Toscane)

GPS : N43.96668° W010.15763°