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J110 - Wednesday, Feruary 3: Forte dei Marmi – sign 21km SR206

66km – 8H07’
Altitude : 86m
Today there were two small problems: crossing Pisa and the changing of the “guard,” with the departure of Joël and the arrival of Thomas.  This morning I had a sudden rise in adrenaline which always affects my intestines, like whenever I have to manage not only the race but also a change of team.  There was a religious silence at breakfast and I had no appetite...
But in the end, everything is fine!
After being with us for more than two months, Joël is happy to go home because fatigue and weariness have taken their toll.  Of course, we are sorry to see him leave, Serge for the “tip-top” refueling, which always took into consideration the condition of his delicate stomach and I for the daily help with the data on the Garmin watch, the beacon and downloading of photos.  Have a good rest Jojo and many thanks.
We are crossing Tuscany as close to the sea as possible.  The Apennine Mountains run from north to south and we are running along the Apuane Alps which are offshoots of the Apennines and which have some peaks that reach an altitude of 2000 m.    Their snow capped peaks dominate the Mediterranean Sea.  So, we won’t go through Florence, the capital of Tuscany, and Serge should be in Rome next Monday.
Pisa, a city of 100,000 inhabitants, is crossed by Serge and his caravan without difficulty, thanks to two reconnaissances and the help of the GPS.  Our route even brings us to the foot of the famous Tower of Pisa.  We cross the Arno Rive, which crosses Tuscany from east to west and it is here that we feel a definite change in the weather:  a few clouds give way to a dark, even black sky and rain.  We follow route SR206 in the direction of Cecina.
Everyone is fine and since we didn’t celebrate the feast of Candlemas with pancakes yesterday we will do so this evening.  The caramel sauce which Bérengère brought us will give us a good excuse to make pancakes and that will give us an opportunity to remember Brigitte dressed up in Norman costume on the roadside in Portugal with her pancake griddle in hand!

Tomorrow: Cecina – San Vincenzo - Follonica

Town : Borne 21 km sur SR 206 (Toscane)

GPS : N43.49612° W010.46742°