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J113 - Saturday, February 6: Poderone – Montalto di Castro

73.57km – 9H58’
Altitude : 38m
The title for today’s log could be: « « All roads do not lead to Rome, » because this route between Grosseto and Montalto di Castro is not an easy one.  In order to stay at the coast, which we had to leave yesterday and will return to tonight, we have no other choice than to take the famous SS1 for 3km tomorrow.  This afternoon Thomas and I were unable to find a road that goes to Riva Del Tarquini from the SR 312.  Even though it appears on two different maps, it seems to become a dirt path.
At the end of the afternoon, after 1 hour of tramping in the mud, Thomas and Daniel return empty handed.  There is no way we can cut across the fields, even for 600 meters because there is an impossible-to-forge stream; however, Thomas is stubborn because he can’t believe the only east-west road is the SS1.  Well, it is!
So tomorrow, after 3km of race, there will be 3km on a double two–lane highway without shoulders, before we can take the small road along the coast at Riva dei Tarquini.  Serge will be protected by the van going ahead of him on this dangerous portion of road, which is not prohibited to pedestrians.
This itinerary does not give me the impression of progressing toward Rome but Serge wants to follow the coast as closely as possible so we adapt!
Besides, our runner was happy on this small road, the SR67 from Mnciano, which is quiet, with no traffic, in the midst of a forest, with sheep, olive trees, crops and Etruscan remains: truly delightful even though some rain spoiled all this serenity.  The sky is lighter than yesterday.  
Brigitte and Roger returned to Grosseto this morning to find a camper dealer because my gas tank top no longer closes.  Yes, they sell campers but they don’t repair locks.  They were able to buy some Italian cheese to make a tartiflette “Italian style,” which we will enjoy this evening at our “favourite restaurant on the European Union Race”.
Today we saw few cyclists and it’s seems strange because since our arrival in Italy, every day we see dozens, even hundreds of bikes on some days.
Everyone is fine, so see you tomorrow for the continuing adventure of the Around the European Union Footrace!
Our days are well filled and I find it hard to imagine our crossing of Rome the day after tomorrow.  We just hope that all the roads shown on our maps do indeed exist….
Tomorrow: Civitavecchia – Santa Marinella – Ladispoli

Town : Montalto di Castro (Latium)

GPS : N42.33733° W011.61228°