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J116 - Tuesday, February 9: Torre Gaia (exit from Rome) – Frosinone (Latium)

71.43km – 10H14’
Altitude : 197m
This morning Serge stretches gently in bed, and turns with a slight groan « Is there something wrong?  Yes, my legs hurt.
The sky is white and there is a chilly breeze.  The traffic is heavy until km 15.  Serge is not talkative, contrary to yesterday; it’s because of the weather he says this evening.  At km 48 it starts to rain and the frog suits are brought out.  René can’t get warm; Thomas has taken out his ceremonial outfit and Daniel his poncho.  The only thing to do is suffer in silence.  The SS6 has no shoulders and I don’t like to see Serge run in constant danger, in horrible noise and exhaust fumes, which he complains about today.  He is fed up with this road and unfortunately there is not alternative because the tickets for the ferry which will take us to Greece are for February 16; so we have to get to Brindisi on time.
There are many stationary and mobile speed detectors on Italian roads and police checks are frequent as well.  If this were not the case it would be more of a jungle than it is.
Rome seems to mark the line between the north and south of Italy, and none of us has been to the south before.
Tomorrow: Cassino – Vairano Patenora always on the SS6

Town : Frosinone (Latium)

GPS : N41.65326° W013.35506°