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J131 - Wednesday, February 24: 8km before Tripoli – Pyrgiotika

74.03km – 10H12’
Altitude : 133 m
It was another beautiful day, with lovely scenery and a return to the seaside, where the water goes from emerald to turquoise, depending on the light.  There is a nice descent between km 35 and km50, which takes us from an altitude of 700 meters to sea level.
Serge is exceptionally happy; his treasure increases by 1.50€ after two days of poverty.  He brags about it and dances around us when we pass.  He gives the support team points – positive and negative and I wonder if 10 points means we will get a prize.  In the meantime, he makes us laugh and it goes without saying that it was a great day for everyone.
At km 65, Serge passes Nafplion, a pretty small town that was the capital of Greece from 1828 to 1834.  We are on the Argolic Gulf and there is a nice fortress at the entrance to the harbor.  Tourist busses pass here on their circuit of the Peloponnese.  We will make a brief tour in order to reach the route which will take us to Epidaurus before we reach the Strait of Corinth and the dense urbanization of the Attica peninsula and Athens
T-shirts and sun glasses come out for brief periods but we have to be careful not to take off some of our clothing too fast, otherwise we could catch cold, right Thomas?
We find a place to stop on the parking lot of a « Taverna, » restaurant, after asking permission from a very kind elderly couple, who even gave us some oranges.  We will go on a diet of oranges: they are marvelous and I know I have already mentioned that it’s amazing how much sweet juice comes from this citrus fruit when it is freshly picked.  We see lots of orange groves as we reach the seaside.
This evening, inspection of the sole of Serge’s right foot shows that the bruise which became a blister, which he himself pierced, has already healed.  Serge must have been heard by all the gods of Ancient Greece to whom he prayed!
See you tomorrow for more adventure.

Town : Pyrgiotika (Péloponnèse)

GPS : N 37.58319° E 022.90130°