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J132 - Thursday, February 25: Pyrgiotika - Isthmia

74.20km – 10H23’
Altitude : 21m
The whole team is getting color from the sun, especially Serge, who starts out wearing sun glasses.
It’s a peaceful day, with an easy route and few vehicles on the road, so we are enjoying it because tomorrow things will become serious as we approach Athens.  Orange and olive trees are part of the scenery and we see more aquaculture.  The terrain is very rough and the panoramic views of the sea are gorgeous.
The blister has reappeared on the bruised spot.  Serge has trouble emptying it because the liquid is deep down.  Things were going too well!
Every day our runner wants to know the figures that follow the decimal point on his daily kilometer average.  He reminds me that before his stomach flu, he was at???, I have already forgotten and he tells me that it is difficult to catch up once time is lost.
Thomas and I stopped at the ancient theater of Epidaurus, several kilometers from Ligourio, at the bottom of a valley.  The parking lot is empty, except for 3 pilgrims and a few people who are working to rearrange the ancient stones of the archeological site.  In view of its age, the theater is in an incredible state of preservation.  It was begun in 200 BC, the same as Olympia.  The place is peaceful, the birds are singing and nature is omnipresent; it’s as if time stands still.  During this time Serge is focused and moves steadily ahead.  As for me, I’m already thinking about Athens; it will be so all day because two long and rough day are ahead of us.  See you tomorrow.

Town : Isthmia (Péloponnèse)

GPS : N 37.54249° E 023.00586°