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J136 - Monday, March 1: 8km before Thyva - Tithorea

75.16km – 10H13’
Altitude : 147m
According to Bertrand, it was a quiet day….
The past two days, Serge has increased his mileage, it wasn’t for nothing because tonight when he arrives he says that he as recuperated the time lost when he ran only 65km the day he crossed Athens.  But Serge is tired “I was dragging my carcass for the last 3 hours” is how he put it as he finally shed his shoes with extreme pleasure.
The clouds gave way to sunshine and much appreciated warmth.  The road that goes from Thyva to Levadia is very dull, with a lot of traffic and an uneven surface, as is often the case in Greece.  The same road is sometimes wide, with shoulders which are used by vehicles, but not wide enough to make a double 2 lane road, so all of a sudden you are driving on the shoulder, straddling the white line, which lets the vehicles behind you pass easily.  Then all of a sudden it gets narrow with no shoulder, you cross a small town and on it goes.  The surface is inconsistent, some parts are new with good asphalt, then all of a sudden there is old tar and pot holes, and on it goes.  This has been true since we arrived in Greece and now we don’t even think about it, but we remain vigilant because of the constant changes, which we don’t have at home; a secondary road is as it should be, the same with a highway, etc., etc.  
The region we are crossing seems to be a big cotton producer, as we can see from the agricultural machinery and trailers with open grillwork where we see balls of white.  In Europe, Greece and Spain are the biggest producers of cotton.
Serge finishes his stage at the foot of Mount Parnassus (2,457m), which is covered in snow and has ski slopes.  I take this opportunity to thank Arlette for keeping us informed about France’s results in the Olympic Games in Vancouver: 11 medals aren’t too bad.  For the time being, cherry trees are in blossom and tomorrow Serge will follow his route toward Lamia.

Town : Tithorea (Grèce Centrale)

GPS : N 38.58545° E 022.73865°