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J137 - Tuesday, March 2: Tithorea – Exit from Lamia

73.18km – 10H18’
Altitude : 317m
Following a remark by Roger, a faithful and well advised reader, this morning Serge redistributed his treasure.  It may be that the Euros our runner found were offerings people had left in front of the small roadside chapels.  Serge hadn’t noticed this so he returned his Euros, even those he found in Italy, and left them in front of three chapels.  End of the story of Serge’s treasure.
This morning Thomas and Florent went back to the Greek capital to fly to Paris.  We are going to miss Thomas’s beautiful photos and even more his high spirits.  Thomas and Serge liked to tease each other and our meals were often a time of hilarity… Fair winds and a safe trip back to Brittany Thomas.
The small troop continues on its way, on narrow mountain roads which are very pleasant.  After reaching a pass at 657m, there is an abrupt descent toward Lamia, a small town located in a relatively marshy area.  Serge is not very fond of these long descents, which tend to tire his knees.  We don’t have much choice of routes and Serge has to make the best of it.  Once at sea level the stage ends with a climb and Serge is “fed up”.
Today was without doubt the warmest we have had on this race.  At mid day, René and Daniel were stripped to the waist on the descent to Lamia.  In the van, there was a coming and going of the support team due to the reconnaissance which we made as we went along.  It is Bertrand’s baptism in location spotting and keeping the road book for the crossing of Lamia.  Everyone arrives at the designated spot so Bertrand gets 10 bonus points this evening.  Since Serge had twice previously taken away 5 points it means he is back to zero.  I can assure you that we that we are having fun with this!
There are no plus or minus points because here everybody does his best and as the teams change they are always top notch.
This evening, with René, we recalculated the itinerary for the coming weeks and checked to see if my estimated calculations are valid.  It seems they are not, because in my optimism I had Serge doing 600km in 4 days rather than 8.  So we are going to have to make a correction.  These estimates have also been made with a daily average of 73km, which can change at any time if a shadow falls on the stage.  For many reasons it is difficult to make a precise plan and up to now everything  is going well.  Let’s hope it will continue.  Tomorrow is another day and Serge will continue performing as he has every day for 137 days now.
Tomorrow : Domokos – Neo Monastiri - Sofades

Town : Sortie de Lamia (Grèce Centrale)

GPS : N 38.93478° E 022.41413°