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J166 - Wednesday, March 31: Budapest (south) - Polgardi

74.46km – 10H12’
Altitude : 139m
Yesterday I forgot to talk about one of Budapest’s most alluring features: the baths that make this capital a spa: 118 natural hot springs feed the baths.  But this morning, since he didn’t have the time to take advantage of the benefits of the spa, Serge took a cold shower; it is raining again.  The tour operator also proposes a special trip to have dental work done or you can have all your teeth replaced, at very low prices compared to France.  Again, due to lack of time and with his goal foremost in mind, Serge will have to remain with a missing tooth until we are home.  Life is not always perfect!
Ludo and René are ready at departure, while the rest of the team gets between 15 minutes for me and 1 hour of extra sleep for Thomas.
We continue on our way and have enough fuel, even if the lowest price of diesel fuel is around 1.20€.  This is the most expensive we have seen, compared to the other countries we have crossed.
Hungary and its immaculate villages, where everything is “perfectly aligned, » seems a bit oppressive to me.  You always have the feeling that your passage is going to “upset the scenery.”  We rarely meet people and those we do meet aren’t smiling.  I suppose we would need to take the time to break the ice.  When I stop and ask people if they speak English or French and it is not the case, I am made to feel it would be much nicer if I spoke Hungarian.  I would like to and I have thought about a system of sensors to put on the brain during the night with a numeric teaching method attached so a foreign language could be transferred while we sleep.  It’s a sweet dream which only exists in my imagination.  It’s too bad because it’s true that I am always frustrated at not being able to communicate better.  Our language of signs and drawings on paper has its limitations.
RenĂ©, the doyen of the group,  has been watching over the kids for the past two days and today we let them do the job on their own, taking the commands  of the Ducato when we cross Szekesfehevar (a city of 100,000 inhabitants), and for the rest of the afternoon with Serge.  Ludo said they missed RenĂ© and yes, experience speaks…but they did very well.  In any case Serge is very pleased.  He still has some pain in his left knee.  He talks to me about some positive ascent and I admit that I smile… but Training Center, the Garmin software, shows that indeed the road was not flat today, with a succession of 7 small bumps ranging from 100m to 175m of positive ascent and a wind that cuts him from the side.  The day was rather monotonous and this evening Serge wants to listen to the singer, Pink, no doubt to see “la vie en rose”.  But right now at 8:00 PM it’s time to go to bed.  Goodnight Serge.

Town : Polgardi

GPS : N 47.03’12.1° E 018.18’17.5 °