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J171 - Monday, April 5: Prosenisko – Kresniske Poljane

73.24km – 10H22’
Altitude : 260m
There was a light drizzle at departure and crossing Celje, 3rd city of the country with 38,000 inhabitants, takes place without incident.  There isn’t a soul around at this early hour on Easter Monday, which is a holiday as it is at home (I must have misunderstood the response to my questions when we arrived on Saturday).
We follow the Savinja River, which runs past the largest medieval castle in the country, perched high above.  After Laskö, a spa city and home to one of the two national breweries, we enter the valley of the Sava River, a 1,000 km long affluent of the Danube.  We follow the last 45 km and cross it today at Litija and tomorrow at Dolsko before reaching Ljubjana, the capital of the country.  The valley is rather deep and the clouds don’t let a lot of light filter through so there isn’t much chance of getting nice footage or photos.
The only people Serge meets today are two rather unpleasant law enforcement men who ask him to cross to the other side of the road opposite a work site, then they make note of the van’s license plate and ask for Serge’s birth date before making a call on their cell phone?  No, Serge has not escaped from a mental institution.  
Serge lets nothing show of his day, no complaints, no joking, just dead calm and silence, even during dinner.  This day could be called, in a blasé tone, “just one more stage”.
There is not much more to say, except that a pale ray of sunshine appeared around 6:15 PM, which is a bit late for people who go to bed early.  It is 7:45 and Serge is going to bed.
Tomorrow’s program consists of crossing Ljubljana.

Town : Kresniske Poljane

GPS : N 46.05’36.8° E 014.45’55.6 °