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J174 - Thursday, April 8: St Andrä - Voitsberg

73.71km – 10H35’
Altitude : 387m

The sun is shining, the mountains are beautiful and Serge is delighted with the scenery. The boys are not looking at much this morning. After a night of bivouacking they looked exhausted as soon as they got up.  Ludo has his nose in a book; Marc and Thomas are in a fog…this isn’t vacation!!!  The alarm goes off every morning at 6:00 and our dear blond heads don’t have much energy.  The early bird gets the worm and we take full advantage of the day, like the sun as it licks our “mugs”.
We leave the region of Carinthia, at an altitude of almost 1,000 meters, to enter the region of Styria of which Graz is the capital but which we will avoid.  We are climbing steadily toward Vienna after experiencing a few mishaps over the past few days:  René misplaced his ID card, the camper had its rear tires changed and yes, the camper’s tire budget continues to climb!!!! To sum it up, we had daily irritations that everyone can experience.
This evening, our « C.P. » (read carrier pigeons) are back in their caravan “Adrienne”, laden with the orders we had placed, as well as with some surprises.  Brigitte and Roger are back after a visit to Sougeal, near Mount-Saint-Michel, followed by Portugal and Italy.  Here they are 1,446 km from Vattetot-sous-Beaumont, our corner of Normandy.

Town : Voitsberg (Styrie)

GPS : N 47.02’47.6° E 015.09’20.0°