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J180 - Wednesday, April 14: Breclav - Rosice

73.47km – 10H31’
Altitude : 319m
13000 km in 179 days 06 hours 43 minutes
A beautiful evening and a horrible day, to which we could give the following title: “our nights are more beautiful than our days”.  This third consecutive day of rain has spoiled our good mood and we lack the energy we normally get from the sunshine.  Serge is running on the national 425, which runs along the D2 toll road heading toward Brno.  It’s noisy and dangerous, not a pleasant road for a runner.  At km45, south of Brno we take small country roads where we find some quiet and avoid this big city.
In spite of the rain, Serge has not lost his sense of humor and sings a song about the rain to René and Thomas.  It’s always incredible to see our Serge staying optimistic in more than normal conditions. .  He takes it upon himself and sets an example for the rest of us, but it’s easier said than done: it’s up to us to keep our spirits up and remain positive and optimistic.  There are days when fatigue takes away all desire to do anything, when mole hills become mountains and everything becomes complicated when in reality it is just business as usual.  But Serge is glowing at the end of the stage, having clocked 13, 000, not because it’s another thousand kilometres but because in a few days we will be at the mid point of the race and because the last thousand kilometres has been run in an average of 74 km per day.
La soirée s’achève en compagnie de Brigitte et Roger, chez « Adrienne ». Le Champagne sera de la fête pour célébrer ces 13000km. Le sourire et la bonne humeur aussi. Demain, la route continue en direction de Prague.
The evening ended in the company of Brigitte and Roger, chez « Adrienne ».  We drank Champagne to celebrate the 13,000 km, as well as the smiles and good mood.  Tomorrow we will be on the road heading for Prague.

Town : Rosice

GPS : N 49.11’01.9° E 016.22’20.5°