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J182 - Friday, April 16: Dobronin - Chotysany

74.83km – 10H48’
Altitude : 412m

The Czech Republic has 14 administrative regions or departments, as well as 2 historic regions: Bohemia to the west and Moravia to the east, which is more rural.  We are on small country roads which are lined by villages and ponds and we see a lot of game here.

Every day we find places to stay which are generally used by laborers.  Our small group stands out a bit but the pleasure of being able to take a shower, wash clothes in the hand basin and most of all be out of the rain, which fell all last night, is real comfort.  The price is affordable at €12 per night per person, keeping in mind that the members of the support team take turns sleeping in the camper to watch over our mobile home.  These motels provide meals which cost about 2 to 3 Euros per course, a beer costs between 40 and 70 cents, depending on size, and soup costs 60 cents. So, for 4 Euros you can eat very well.

Serge is having difficult days because of the pain in his groin, which recurs like a knife stab.  He is walking on the down hills and at km20 today asked us to take into consideration one important thing: “not to lose sight of his goal and drown it in mid-range objectives”.  What is this goal?  To arrive in Paris on October 17: with or without breaking a record, with or without hitting the 25 countries, which doesn’t matter, but in the end it is to finish in Paris next October 17 in the best possible condition.  Serge wants us to understand that when he is not well or when it is difficult for him to run on hills like today, we have to modify the itinerary, find a flat road, even if we have to make detours, which means we will be not meet our schedule, which is only temporary.   It is far from his intention to give in to the first difficulty or to throw in the sponge, but the key word is to keep in mind the main objective of the challenge: 1 year of foot race.

Serge is ready to put up with a lot of things, but he doesn’t like pain, as he has already told me today.  He knew that the pain in his knee would disappear one day without specific treatment, as is the case, but the pain in his groin takes him back several years and he is less optimistic.  Serge doesn’t mind being patient if he knows the pain will subside; it’s his philosophy for managing pain.  Even if he has occasional bad moments, he knows it will come back.  We spoke about exhaustion, which for me means the limit of what he can ask of his body.  Serge does not see exhaustion in what he is doing because he is eating and drinking.   For him, exhausting would be reached if he were not eating and drinking correctly, which is not the case. Don’t give up hope, we are still on the road and tomorrow an 11th capital is waiting for us.

Town : Chotysany

GPS : N 49.43’23.4° E 014.49’23.4°