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J184 - Sunday, April 18: Prague – Mnichovo Hradiste

74.63km – 9H20’
Altitude :

This is the first day of part 2. If you are not out of breath, then you can keep following our tribulations for the next six months, God willing, of course!

There is a hitch this morning, caused by my forgetting to recharge Serge’s “Garmin watch”. It is something that is done in the same manner every evening, and yesterday I forgot. Since I hate to forget anything, 1) I blame myself and 2) I accuse Serge of having upset my routine by taking off yesterday evening to run his 3 km. I like to tell him it’s his fault. Besides, if I have more white hair than I did at the beginning of the race I like to tell him that he is causing me to age prematurely with the life he has me leading, so it’s his fault. But, rest assured it has been my choice to follow him on the road for the past six months. René and Ludo are ready and the day begins. The kids went out last night and Thomas is able to sleep an extra hour.

Leaving Prague, at km 7, as we take route 610, which we will follow all the way to the Polish border, there are people waiting for us. Paulina, of the Biegiem Przez Polke “Cross Poland Running” Association, is there with her husband, Jazek, her friend Tomasz and his wife, Ewelina. In 2008 the two men crossed Poland at a rate of 55km per day, then last year they did it again. Paulina, who learned French in school, contacted us last July and asked us if a 3rd edition could be organized when Serge went through the country, knowing that we would cross Poland from the Czech Republic on our way to Lithuania. They are just a bit early.

This morning, contrary to the past days, Serge starts out trotting. Could it be the sign that the day will be a good one?? Yes it is, the day is beautiful on these new, country roads. The 3 runners don’t talk much due to the problem of language, to Serge’s great regret. Jasek and Tomasz speak a few words of English and Serge speaks no Polish

The stage ends in record time, 9H20’ for more than 74 km. It’s a long time since that has happened. Will serge pay heavily for his excess of zeal? We will find out tomorrow.

Town : Mnichovo Hradiste