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J187 - Wednesday, April 21: Strzegom - Kietczow

74.10km – 9H42’
Altitude : 128m

It was real spring weather with sunshine, clouds, cold wind and showers on this 187th day.  Everyone was present at the start this morning at 7:15.  Unfortunately, Jacek stops between km 20 and 25 because the muscular pain above his right knee is too severe.  Serge is not talkative during refuelings.  At the approach to Wroclaw, runners join the Serge /Tomasz duo.  We bypass this big city, the fourth largest in the country after Warsaw, Cracovia and Lodz, on a wide boulevard which has a bicycle path on either side so it is very convenient for a group of runners.

For the past few days, Serge has a toe that hurts and he no longer complains about his knee, or the groin strain, even if the latter has not completely disappeared.  The flatness of the terrain doesn’t irritate it.

This morning there was a visit from the national TV, with photographers.  Paulina handled all the communications for the event like a pro.

The team is in good shape, even if fatigue has settled in.  Thomas was not able to see the Champions League soccer match yesterday and nothing leads us to believe that he will be able to see the match this evening.  Ludovic still hasn’t found a fiancĂ©e!!!  RenĂ© is always 100% committed, precise and efficient.

There are often road works in Poland and around Wroclaw a kind of toll road is under construction.  It appears that the country, which is expected to join the Euro in 2012, with the Ukraine, must improve its road system.  It’s true that toll roads are rare and the big cities don’t have belt ways so in Wroclaw heavy trucks go through the city.  Therefore, the national roads, which rarely have two double lanes, carry the international trucking.  Paulina and I pour over our maps to find as many ways as possible to avoid roads with heavy traffic.

Crossing Wraclaw takes place at a runner’s pace, in the presence of several runners who have joined the group and some “Sergettes,” wink at Georges.  Serge is tired and goes to bed at 7:15, in the soft nest of our camper.  Goodnight to all !

Town : Kietczow

GPS : N 51.08’16.1° E 017.11’09.4 °