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J188 - Thursday, April 22: Kietczow - Kepno

76.02km  – 9H31’
Altitude : 172m

Our thanks go to Kazimierz, Witek, Damian, Piotrek, Ada, Stawek, Danusia, who accompanied the runners when they crossed Wroclaw
The students of the school of Morinie de Saint-Omer, whose PE teacher, Didier, gives us regular news, would like me to talk more about Serge.  I risk disappointing them by saying that Serge is not very talkative and we don’t have a lot of time for communication.  Serge is eating and drinking well.  He more or less takes advantage of his short evenings by having dinner with the team and it’s usually a moment of relaxation, where Serge lets go and can be very funny, with his inimitable sense of humor.  He usually has a beer for dinner.  He is in pain every day and the pain moves around: after the knee, then the groin strain, it’s now his toe that hurts.  This evening he wasn’t in great shape when he arrived because he had an attack of hypoglycaemia: his head was spinning and he was sweating.  He asked to eat some bread and cheese.  It wasn’t a long day, only 9H31’ for 76km, but it was a good one, as was the pace.
From a glance, it would seem that Serge has lost weight.  Tomorrow we will get out the scale to find out if it is just an impression.
The TV interview was effective because some drivers have waved to the caravan and the local population comes to shake the runners’ hands.  Among our Polish friends, Tomasz is on his 4th day of the race, non stop.  Jacek, after yesterday’s pause, is back this morning and finishes the stage; the cramp in his thigh seems to have gone.  Some incidental information:  in 2007 the two ran the Paris marathon and met Serge on Marathon Expo.  When he got home, Jacek came up with the idea of running across Poland with his friend Tomasz, and Paulia, Jacek’s wife joined the organization.  In 2008, then 2009, they crossed the country from north to south, then west to east.  This year, for this 3rd edition, they are crossing to accompany the Around the European Union Race and next year they will cross in the other direction.  It’s a lot of great plans, just like Christophe Vissant who will leave in less than 10 days from Aubagne (southern France) to reach the Acropolis.  Good luck, and to Stanislas Gruau too, who is planning a Paris-Athens as soon as he can get sponsors and fine-tune his organization.  Last year Patrick Malandain ran from Le Havre to Istanbul.  The world is full of globetrotters who are running from point to point, using their legs and their heads.  “Dream, Dare, Do” is an expression Serge particularly likes and it is typical of all these undertakings and so many more.
And speaking of the weather, we are at our wits end because, as Serge says, within minutes the weather goes from hot to cold. Today it snowed in Warsaw and in some parts of Poland there are several inches of snow.  For us, there are showers, rays of sunshine and a continuous icy, strong west wind.  There is winter and spring, hot and cold and we are in the midst of it!

Town : Kepno

GPS : N 51.16’37.3° E 017.58’19.1 °