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J190 - Saturday, April 24: Mierzyno - Kolo

73.70km  – 9H59’
Altitude : 195m

Nights are cool and when we get up the temperature reads -4°C and the blue sky tells us that the day will be beautiful.

It’s a quiet start on a road which is not quiet because traffic is still heavy on the Highway #8.  There were several encounters today: at km20, before Belchatow (phonetic pronunciation Bearatoof), two vehicles stop.  In the first there are runners who are going to Krakow to run the marathon tomorrow, and in the second there are runners who have come to join our trio to run across their city.  We have given Serge the nickname of the Polish Forest Gump.  The road leads toward Piotrkow Tribualski; a police escort is waiting for our runners at the entrance to the city, with a few young runners to lead us to the stadium, where the press (radio, photographer and reporter) is waiting.  Mrs. Iza has organized a small reception with the mayor, who presents Serge with a book about the city.  This stop lasts about an hour and the meter reads 61 km.  Then Tomasz, Jacek and Serge leave to finish their stage at Kolo.  So it was a long, well-filled day.

This evening we return to the city of Piotrkow (don’t ask me how it’s pronounced), where we are put up by the town in a school.  Our meal has only to be heated up.  Poland is a very hospitable country and I think we will benefit from it.

Polish is a Slavic language but the alphabet is Latin and, as I mentioned previously, we can easily read what is written; however, in the spoken language the sounds do not correspond to what we are reading, which makes it difficult to understand.  We have had some good laughs with Paulina because when I name a city she doesn’t understand and vice versa.  Luckily, we have maps to put our fingers on, which is much simpler.

Town : Kolo

GPS : N 51.25’58.6° E 019.50’50.9°