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J191 - Sunday, April 25: Kolo – Newe Miesto

73km – 9H57’
Altitude : 152m

Let’s go running in the woods could be the title of today’s log, for it’s a beautiful spring day.  Our run is along the Pilica River, which is in the midst of vast forests.  We are in the “Spalski Landscape Park” until km 43 at Rzeczyca and we can see storks soaring over our heads.

It was a rough night for the team because one of the rooms in the school where we stayed hosted a dance, which went on late into the night.  Serge and I were in the camper on a quiet parking space so we had a good night; however, it didn’t keep Serge from being tired and not very talkative today.  Every day is different.  He seems to have sore feet but as is often the case, he can’t really localize the pain.  There are some days when it’s hard to accept even mild discomfort, whereas often he is able to stand more severe pain; it’s the relativity of the moment, the state of mid he is in at a particular moment T….

Today we had visits from runners: Rafaw,  

And we received news from the French students from Bourges, who arrived in Warsaw on Friday afternoon.  This school-organized trip was planned by Alain Payen, Director of the Jean-Renoir School.  Two classes are taking part in this trip, which started yesterday with a visit of the tragically famous Auschwitz concentration camp.  This morning they visited a European desert which is little known, even by the Poles: The Bledow Desert.  Then they visited the Czestochowa Castle.  They were to see us at the end of the stage, on their return to Warsaw, but that complicated their plans so they will see us next Tuesday, when the whole group will spend the afternoon and evening with us in Pulstuk.
Michel joined us yesterday to take photos of our Polish crossing.

There were 8 runners to cross the finish line on Highway 728.  This evening we are welcomed in Newe Miesto by Jacek’s family.  The meal was a veritable feast. Jarek, Jacek’s brother-in-law, is a baker and he made a surprise desert.  And Mrs. Chalupka let me use her washing machine.  It is the second time since the beginning of 2010 that we have been able to do a load of wash.  I don’t think anything could have made me happier!!!

Town : Newe Miesto

GPS : N 51.38’25.8° E 020.37’23.8°