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J194 - Wednesday, April 28: Pulstuk – Drogoszewo

73.93km – 10H12’
Altitude : 107m
14000km in 193days 2 hours and 19 minutes
Our breakfast was made lively by the arrival of children in small groups and I admire the incredible work of the 6 people who accompanied the group: Emmanuelle, Chrystèle, Emilie, Alain as well as Alain, the school’s director.  Our thoughts go to Jacky, the assistant director of Jean Renoir, who is at home watching over 700 pupils…
Jacek and Serge start pass through an honor guard at 7:50, because Serge decided to lengthen his night.  Goodbyes are said at the roadside; the group is going to visit Warsaw, whereas our small team heads north in the direction of Lithuania.  Ewelina and Tomasz also leave us to return to their home.  Jacek has decided to run another 1,000km and continue his crossing of Poland, version 3.  The next edition is planned for 2011.  The program will include 1,000km between the Baltic Sea and the south of the country to the Carpathian Mountains.  Pauline, who has the vitality of 3 people, is a bit fatigued but continues to watch over her runner husband.
On the Paris-Tokyo race, 14,000km were clocked in Western China.  This time they are clocked in the village of M ???? at 1:26pm.  Serge is happy, jokes and no longer talks about his pain, which does not mean that he is not suffering!!! But if he were to complain about pain this would be a Wailing Race and that is not in Serge’s nature.  Since he isn’t complaining he gives the impression that he isn’t suffering, but his support team that takes care of him knows when things are or are not going well.  You just have to look at his posture when he is running, at his face and at the way he acts during refueling.  Serge is in his world of thoughts and it’s sometimes funny to see that he will talk of one thing or another concerning the end of the project, whereas my worries of the moment are completely different.  The desyncronization is sometimes striking and makes me smile.
We notice that generally speaking, he is more “Zen” and calm on this Around the European Union Race than on any other race.  As Serge says, “Being here is my choice and I take responsibility for it.”
The weather is iffy and not very warm.  Ludo and I get out our hats.

Town : Drogoszewo

GPS : N 53.08’29.2° E 021.45’42.9°