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J196 - Friday, April 30: Szczuczyn – Augustow

74km – 9H35’
Altitude : 135m
It is strangely hot when we leave to reach the departure point this morning at 7:10  Then as the day progresses, the wind comes up, the sky clouds over and it becomes stormy.
Our team now consists of 3 people and I realize how good it is for the whole team when we are 4.  It means that on a day like today 2 of us can go on a reconnaissance, then return to the van and its occupants and change the person who knows the whole road with one of the people on the refueling team, who can then run errands, and get our sleeping place set up for the team members who will arrive between 6:00 and 7:00 pm, but also do some washing, take a shower or even run a bit if one feels like it just to leave the race for a bit.  As for me, it allows me the time to do some accounting, to digitalize the video cassettes when we have a cameraman, to read and reply to e-mails and sometimes to take the maps and plan the race a bit ahead of time and respond to questions from local runners, such as Darius from Vilnius.  In short, it means being able to “sit still” to do things and not be in perpetual movement.
But it is not to be and we move ahead in a group, hopping from one place to the next on small roads, even on trails in the midst of woods.  Ludo is pragmatic and prefers main roads, which are easier for refueling where we don’t have to worry about where we are headed and about guiding the runners because the road is straight.  But no, because I like difficulty it seems normal that the safety and the peace of mind of the tired runners are more important than the comfort of the support team.  Of course, we do a few extra kilometers but the aim of the Around the European Union Race is not to take the shortest road and since we have no planned meeting before September 6th when we are due back in France it leaves us the time to see.
Tomorrow we will leave Poland and the Baltic countries are before us.  Something tells me that Paulina and Jacek are going to continue once we have crossed the border.  May 3 is the Polish National Day so they don’t have to be back at work until May 4th.
1.     Last night the pupils of the Jean-Renoir school went home.
2.    The wolf, Janosz, ran more than a marathon today and was in Olympic form!

Town : Augustow

GPS : N 53.51’26.3° E 023.04’39.8°