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J197 - Saturday, May 1: Augustow – Seirijai

73.65km – 10H05’
May first without lily of the valley and thanks to all of you who sent good luck messages!
The weather is dry and cloudy, then as we approach the border we get a drizzle which turns into real rain. Welcome to Lithuania.   We leave behind us 12 days of intense emotions and encounters.  Poland is a very colorful country, where even small children wear colorful clothes.  This country exudes vitality and energy.
We are a bit uneasy about entering Lithuania, a tiny country of 3.5 million inhabitants, of which 1 million work outside its borders.  The population density of 52 inhabitants per square km leaves a lot of space and villages, which are small, are far apart.  If you wish to find a bank or an automatic cash distributor you have to go 25km to reach the first town, at least in this part of the country.  However, it’s not in the first few kilometers that you can draw a general conclusion of the situation.
Lithuania, Poland and France have one point in common: May 1st, Labor Day, is a legal holiday.
So, Jacek and Serge enter Lithuania at km44.  The sentry boxes have been removed and there are only a few buildings that indicate that at one time there was a border.  The road is as damp as it is monotonous and there are days when you want to x out a date on the calendar as well as in your head.  And if we apply the French saying “in May, do whatever you like”!!! What would we like to do?  Well, nothing other than continue…just as Jacek and Serge are doing, like robots at departure this morning, in the literal sense of the word.  I have the impression that we are all becoming robots in our head, with a pre-established program, that even human thought can’t modify.  So, in May I won’t be able to cuddle my cat, I won’t go to the hairdresser, I won’t go running with my friends of the CCPB, I won’t sleep in my bed in the warmth of my home, I won’t have a week’s vacation on a desert island in order to do nothing and not look at my watch.  There is no question of doing what I wish but in the end “living and sharing” this great adventure with my sweetheart is what I like most of all.  I hope that your May 1st was happy and that the weather was nice.  The entire team sends you all a bouquet of happiness.

Town : Seirijai (Lituanie)