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J227 - Monday, May 31: 1,5km before Kaamasmukkä – route 92 ( Norway)

74 .25km  –10H59’
Altitude : 187 m

Serge looks tired and once again is singing when he gets up in the morning, a refrain about his desire to sleep longer “some day I will leave at 9:00” he tells me but the story does not say when!

The rhythm:
I join Serge at km6 and stay to talk with him for a while.  He confides that this morning “I’m dragging, I can’t make headway.  Normally, when I have done the first 5 kilometers my body unwinds and I reach a cruising speed of 9 minutes per kilometre and at the best part of the day I reach 8 minutes 30’ per km.  But now I’m still at 10 minutes, the day will be long if I continue like this”.

But at Km 60, after 9H15’, the average is 9 minutes 15’ per km, with no resting his “butt,” he walks while he eats.  He also talks to me about his stiffness and the observations that Dr. Roatinno made after seeing the photos and studied the articular range of motion.

At km 50, Serge has heavy circles under his eyes, which are deep in their sockets.  He satisfies his hunger at km 55 by eating 4 slices of ham, some cheese and a slice of buttered bread

The terrain:
Since yesterday the terrain is hilly and Serge is like a yoyo: up hill – down hill – up hill and so on.  Today the pubic pain is back, normal!

On his road:
Serge, who loves nature, is happy.  Every day he exclaims with delight about his surroundings, never tiring of saying “how beautiful it is!” Sometimes he asks us if we have seen this or that, and he is good at noticing that often he sees more than we do.  But most often, he doesn’t say anything.  
Finally, but don’t say I told you, Serge is composing a song; he already has 3 verses of the refrain.  We are encouraging him to continue and hope that he will display his talent as a performer when he reaches the finish on October 17.

At km 31, here we are in Norway, for about 200 km before we get back to « our Finland, » which Serge has no desire to leave, or in any case, not yet.  Norway is in the same time zone as France but we have decided to stay on Finnish time, that is, 1 hour ahead of France.

You only have to cross the border to notice a definite change in vegetation.  The birches, which were without leaves and whose buds seemed to be dormant, have green leaves on them in Norway.

After Marbella, the southernmost point on our race around Europe, Karasjok will be the northern most point.  After that we will begin a gentle descent before reaching Finland, where we will head due south along the Swedish border.  We met an Australian, whose first name is Tilmann.  He is on his way by bicycle from New Zealand to the North Cape.  Several years ago he went around the world.  Serge took 5 minutes to talk to him and his German friend.

Town : route 92 ( Norvège)

GPS : N 69.25’63.8° E 024.56’69.8°