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J234 - Monday, June 7: Kaulinranta – 7km before Tornio

74.07km  –11H18’
Altitude : 6m
17,000 km in 233 days 5 hours and 24 minutes and it goes on and on….
As René says, it was a beautiful night!!  That gave me a good laugh because it’s the truth….
As Laure says, it was warmer today but since Eliane, who likes precision, wishes to add, it was 4°C at the start, instead of 2°C yesterday, and 8°C during the day instead of a mere 5°C yesterday.  The heating is on and it must be used year-round.
This invigorating weather has not kept Eliane and René from admiring the majesties flight of the wild geese and not having a photo, the image will remain engraved in their memory.
We can see from Serge’s face that it’s a bad day.  He has a stomach ache and has to make frequent stops to relieve his tortured intestines.  After trying to figure out what he could have eaten that would cause the problem, we think it was probably a chill.  Yesterday, Serge kept putting on and taking off his windbreaker and at times he even wore gloves.  This morning, cheered by a ray of sunshine, which wasn’t able to warm the air, he took off his long pants and windbreaker from the start.  We have already noticed that cold often affects the intestines of our runner, who always seems to be warm!!!! We must not lower our guard but Serge is relatively stubborn and when he has decided not to dress warmly we have to give in.  It was a long, overcast day for him.
Traffic gets heavier as we approach Tornio in the afternoon.  Luckily, there is a good bicycle path toward the end of the stage.
The stage ends on the highway, 7 km from Tornio, a city nestled at the back of the Gulf of Bothnia, at the mouth of the Tornionjoki River.  Tornio is the border city with Sweden, the next country in which we will spend quite a bit of time before reaching Denmark at the beginning of July. Inch’ Allah!
Christophe Vissant, with whom we spoke on the phone at 5:15 PM, while we were still on the road, was taking a quick dip, 60 km from Athens, where he will finish his run tomorrow.  Congratulations to him and his whole team!

Town : 7km avant Tornio

GPS : N 65.54’03.8° E 024.08’37.7°