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J235 - Tuesday, June 8: 7km before Tornio – 10km before Töre

74.2km  –10H32’
Altitude : 20m
At km 7, Serge is in Tornio.  In this city the border is an imaginary line, if you don’t cross the main road E4: there is no sign, no border post, only a huge IKEA store which towers over the border on the Swedish side.  Haparanda, the non-descript Swedish city is adjacent to Tornio.  And yet, we change time when we enter Sweden (we gain one hour compared to Finland) and we are now on the same time as France.  The currency changes too; the Swedish crown takes the place of the euro: 1€ = 9.43 SEK at the bank this morning.
From here on we will be on the E4 road, which is European style, beautiful and wide and often bordered by wire fence, no doubt to keep the elk from crossing, as shown on the signs.  There are a lot of large trucks carrying logs.  One thing for sure, there are still plenty of pine and birch trees!!!
After taking 1 gram of paracétamol (an over-the-counter pain reliever and fever reducer), Serge spent a good night and feels much better this morning.  Since he has no stomach ache, the pain he feels is concentrated in the Achilles tendon, which has been enflamed for the past 3 days.  As Serge says, “at this point of the race you have to live with your aches and pains, which come and go”.  Our runner progresses like a charm on his asphalt ribbon and every day is different.
Weather report:  Eliane says « the temperature is rising » and René adds “we will leave our heavy coats on the coat rack”.  There are a few showers, long live spring!
This evening Christophe arrived at the Acropolis in Athens, 2,700 km from Aubagne.  He was deeply affected by the fact that the adventure is over, not because he had arrived!  Geraldine, Jean-Pascal and all the team of our French friends living in Athens, met Christophe today and greeted him at the finish.  From Sweden, we send greetings to the all and hope they will send us some warm weather in return!!!
Tonight, we found a place to stay in the Töre Hamm camp site, owned by Lennart.  He was intrigued by our caravan and interested in what we are doing.  I gave him one of our post cards.  A little while later he called me on my cell phone and asked if we would like to have dinner this evening.  He asked if we would like salmon and/or steak.   The choice was steak for Serge and salmon for the three of us.  I was intrigued by the call, which meant that Lennart found the telephone number on the website.  It was not the last surprise: 1) he is a fabulous cook and 2) he would not let us pay the bill. “Tonight I am a sponsor he said”.  What kindness.  He spoke to us about his trips to France in 1969 and 1998 during the World Cup, when he was on the Champs Elysées.  He explained that the fishing season on the Baltic Sea opened yesterday and that we are fortunate to eat the first fresh fish of the season.  Then he told us that Töre is northern most point on the Baltic.  And lastly, is it just luck that Lennart’s birthday is on October 17?  Something tells me that tomorrow he will be present when we leave.

Town : 10km avant Töre

GPS : N 65.53’86.9° E 022.52’75.3°