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J238 - Friday, June 11: between Storsund and Koler - Jörn

74.07km  –10H26’
Altitude : 258m
At the end of the stage in the region of Norbotten (the largest area in the country) on this small road with little traffic, a bus driver stops to greet Serge and the team, and then a truck driver stops near Eliane and René and gives them a cap.  At the end of the morning we have a surprise visit from Pitea, a journalist, and lastly, at km 36, just as we enter the region of Västerbotten, Anette Novak, the editor of Norran, the most important daily paper of the region, arrives to see us.  Anette speaks fluent French because she lived in Paris.  More than just interviewing Serge during a halt, she ran 4 km with him and kept everything in her head that was said during their jogging, before flying to Stockholm.
It is 1:05 PM, we are at km 40 and Serge takes off alone.  It is beginning to get hot, the road zigzags and it is the part of the day which can be tricky.  He sees two dead snakes which have been run over on the road.  He has not seen any since Kemi, Finland.  No doubt snakes don’t like a cold climate.
The day finished with no other encounters and there is nothing in particular to mention except that René has unpacked his summer clothes.
The height of luxury this evening:
The lakeside camp site near Jörn is full due to a motorcycle gathering.  The receptionist points me to a place on the other side of the lake, where we were better off because in addition to a washing machine and dryer, there is a TV.  After dinner Eliane gives Serge’s legs a good, long, relaxing massage.  And for the first time since the start of the race Serge extends his evening and stays up with Eliane and René to watch the first half of the France-Uruguay game.  But it is bedtime.   Thanks to all of you for sending the score because Serge will have to follow this World Cup from a distance.
And lastly, the unidentified bird now has a name and we know some of its characteristics, thanks to you.  It is a Eurasian Curlew, a migratory bird.  Thanks go to Eric, Jean-Luc and Jean-Pierre.

Town : Jörn (Västerbotten)

GPS : N 65.01’96.0° E 020.02’40 .5°