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J239 - Saturday , June 12: Jörn - Vormträsk

74.21km  –10H26’
Altitude : 291m
Serge is carried along by a fair wind .  And the sunshine is beautiful until clouds pile up in the sky and bring us a shower, which we go through without even getting wet.  Luck!
At km 40, we cross the small town of Norsjö,  population 4,500.  It’s a busy place; horns honk, we are waved at, drivers stop to take pictures of the caravan and we understand that Anette Novak’s article must have appeared in the daily newspaper,  Norran (elk in Swedish).  So I hurry to get the paper and sure enough, there is a full page dedicated to the Around the European Union Footrace.  That is why we don’t go unnoticed…
Serge is light hearted and this evening he explains that he is adapting  words to the song “les jolies colonies de vacances” by Pierre Perret… but he still has work to do.  We hope we can get him to sing on October 17, 2010.
Today, in Viriat, in the Ain Department, there is the Marathon des Entreprises et Associations, organized by the Viriat Marathon Club, of which RenĂ© is a member.  Michelle, his wife, is working  at a refreshment stand and RenĂ© makes a quick phone call to the organizers and wished them good luck.  We also had news from Michel Piroux (he welcomed us with open arms in Romania), who is participating with his employees in this famous marathon in the region of Bourg.  The cherry on the cake is that the weather is good in Bourg so it has been  a real success.
It is a day of more or of less, depending how you look at it.  Serge has reached an average of 72.701 km per day so he will sleep happy, satisfied with his progress, which is the fruit of a solitary effort but made possible by a team which has been effective every day since the start.

Town : Vormträsk

GPS : N 64.54’74.6° E 018.55’24 .7°