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J241 - Monday, June 14: Vagsele – 15km after Asele (Route 90) – Ö Gafsele

74.10km  –10H33’
Altitude : 302m
Yesterday, Serge took the time to see the first German goal in the Australia-Germany game before falling into a deep sleep.
This morning he is tired at the start. The sky is threatening and it’s rather cold among the pines.   At km 50.5 we turn right on Route 92 to reach Asele.  We get occasional drops, which become a real rain so that the last third of the stage is more than humid.
The scenery is monotonous and with the exception of Asele, which we skirt, and a few scattered houses, we don’t meet many people.  Anette told serge that the forests are full of bears.  In the camp site of Asele, where we will sleep tonight, there is a photo showing a mother bear with 3 babies crossing the road.  It is a photo which was taken rather close to the town and the owner of the camp site, who is a “musher,” confirmed that when he goes out with his dogs he often sees bears.  We will be on the lookout, but like the elk, it’s mostly in the winter that these beasts approach homes.  In the summer it is easy for them to find food in the depths of these immense forests.
A coincidence: 11 days ago we met Philippe on his recumbent bicycle after our jaunt to Norway and on our way back in Finland.  A photo at the reception desk confirms that he stayed in this same place.
Unfortunately, the team has lost motivation, contrary to Serge, who forges ahead, even though he is in a state of extreme fatigue.  We have one thing in mind: our goal and we hope that the tone tomorrow will be more exultant than it is on this dreary day.

Town : Ö Gafsele (Lappland)

GPS : N 64.03’10.7° E 017.16’88 .6°