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J244 - Thursday, June 17: 2km after the intersection 87/331 - Vike

74.27km  –10H55’
Altitude : 251m
June 17 and 8 months of race…and the first day of the baccalaureate exams.  I have 2 nephews and 1 niece who are sitting in front of their philosophy exam papers.  In Sweden and Finland summer vacation has already started.
Last night we stayed in a place where we were lucky because there was a TV room.  Serge thought that the France-Mexico game would take place on the 16th but the match schedule sent by the students at the Jeanne d’Arc de Saint-Médard de Guizières School, set things right.  So Serge looked at the news after dinner, just before going to bed.  He saw the pictures of the floods in Draguignan “unbelievable” you will say.  We who complain when it rains for just a half day have to put our moods on hold when we see the scale of such a disaster.  The effects of this catastrophe reached Poland because Paulina and Jacek sent us news.  Poland also suffered floods at the end of May and according to Paulina the regions affected have not been declared natural disaster zones.  She hopes that the French government will react because it does not seem to have been the case in her country.  Sunday, there will be presidential elections in Poland.  In that country, summer vacation begins in 15 days, like at home.
For the Dream Team of the Around the European Union Race, there is no year-end exam and no vacation either.  The days tick off, similar or different, and we are always here, with reinforcement in the person of Bérengère, who arrived this afternoon (24 hours late due to the Swedish pilot’s strike).  The airport of Sundsvall is tiny and yet there are 6 or 7 daily flights to and from Stockholm, 1 hour away by air.  To say that it took Bérengère 1 hour and that it will take Serge 7 days to cover the distance doesn’t prove anything but I like to make the comparison because it shows the relativity of time and distance.
And thanks go to Roger (our carrier pigeon, whom we will see soon with his wife, Brigitte, on the road of the European Union Race), who every evening, instead of saying his prayers, sends us the results of the day’s games before he goes to bed.  This morning, after connecting to Internet at the roadside (I’m becoming a real gun dog; the only thing missing is the nose, for finding open Wi-Fi connections along the road), I went back to tell Serge that Spain lost to Switzerland zero to 1.  Serge is amazed, especially because he imagined a Spain/Argentina game at the final.  He loves forecasts!!!
Serge is finding the days long; descending the length of Sweden seems interminable.  This afternoon he asks for his mp3, something he hasn’t done since Poland.  He wants to break the monotony.  He thinks about what comes next, the mileage or at least the time it will take to reach this mileage and begins to say that he won’t be able to keep to 11 hours on the road on a daily basis.

Town : Vike

GPS : N 62.41’85.9° E 016.31’14 .5°