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J245 - Friday, June 18: Vike - Vigge

74.02km  –10H23’
Altitude : 124m
The Recreational  Vehicle Park where we stayed last night had a TV in the reception room.  We asked if we could watch the game because normally the owners close at 8:00 PM.  The reply was yes and  again this confirms that the Swedes are always accommodating and ready to please.
Already in bed at 7:15 PM, Serge does not get up so only Eliane, Bérengère and René watch the game to the end.  As for me, I am not a fan and prefer to go to bed with a good book.  So it was at breakfast this morning that Serge receives the disappointing news.   I am sure that the ink will continue to flow on the subject of our dear country.
Serge takes off and does not seem ready to put into action plan B, which is to limit himself to 10 hours on the road.  The day will come when he will find it necessary……
Bérengère’s baptism on the Around the European Union Race is a successfully sprinkled.  The rain starts during the night and does not stop.  We hope that in Stockholm it will be beautiful for the royal wedding tomorrow.  The constitution has been modified to allow female ascension to the throne.  Up to now, only males could inherit the throne.  So the future Queen of Sweden and her husband, who will become HRH Prince Daniel, after the ceremony, are marrying in “great pomp”.  The celebration will be transmitted direct via TV and for the past few weeks souvenirs are selling like hot cakes: chocolates, pastry packaged in boxes with the photo of the royal couple; commemorative stamps have been issued.  This week the cover of every magazine in the country has the photo of the princess and the future price.  In short, tomorrow’s event is of utmost importance in the country and from our RV Park and on the road which leads to Hassela, I’m sure we will hear all about it.
A window has opened on the world, specifically on Kirghizstan.  Two days ago Serge saw the pictures of the country and learned of the revolution which took place in Och.  I found information on the Internet and learned that the president was overthrown in April and since then there is chaos. Och, in the south of Kirghizstan, close to the border with Uzbekistan and the Fergana Valley, is inhabited by the Uzbek minority.  Today the border is closed and the population displaced.  Why does this interest us?  Four years ago we were in this small corner of the world on the Paris-Tokyo race.  The countryside seemed so peaceful and now we learn that the people are killing each other!!! The world is crazy and I am convinced that “man is the most dangerous animal,” because he is gifted with intelligence and a conscience.
It is a country we would like to see again and at one time Serge even thought about organizing a race there, because, like Tajikistan, the mountains and the scenery in the country are of an incredible purity and we were attracted to the people.  As time goes by, it becomes more and more difficult to travel throughout the world, where so many countries and populations live in torment
And while Haiti is forgotten; “the Blues “are assassinated by the press; France is in a state of shock following the catastrophe of Draguignan; the future Queen of Sweden is being married; the populations of Kirghizstan and Uzbekistan kill each other; France’s high school students take their Baccalaureate exam and the Poles elect their new president; the Earth continues to turn and Serge continues to run.

Town : Vigge (Medelpad)

GPS : N 62.18’61.3° E 016.41’49 .8°