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J246 - Saturday, June 19: Vigge -Delsbo

74.08km –10H27’
Altitude : 79m
There is rain, and then the sun comes out between showers.
The so called Route 305 is really, at least on the first part, a track in very good condition on which we can travel without problem, in spite of the fact that it is soaked by torrential rain yesterday and this morning.
Serge is fed up with going up and down hills; it tires his legs and his morale.  He would like to be on the flat and at the seaside.  So I change my mind and suggest we turn at Delsbo at the end of the stage and head toward the sea, rather than go to Bollnäs, as I had originally planned.
This morning we are leaving the province of Medelpad to enter that of Hälsingland.  Even though we are heading south, we are still in the northern region of Norrland.
Eliane and René, the morning watch, are a team until km40, in the rain.  At km45, we change the team and Bérengère and I take over.  We are luckier and have sunshine.  Serge picks a bouquet of wild lily of the valley along the road and is delighted to give it to us at the km 55 refueling: a sprig for each lady!
For the past few days we have been lucky to be in countryside which is varied: from lilacs to lupines to wild pansies.  These spots of red, purple and white give color and a gay note to the greenery.  Once again there are pastures where we see beautiful, fat cows.  
This evening we will toast, on D246 (so as not to depart from custom) the birthday of Michelle, René’s wife, who is celebrating her …..Oh no, it’s not polite to tell a lady’s age!  Happy Birthday Michelle.

Town : Delsbo (Hälsingland)

GPS : N 61.47’72.9° E 016.34’43 .3°