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J247 - Sunday, June 20: Delsbo – Borg

74.11km  –10H26’
Altitude : 28m
We were lucky Serge says.  Yes we were.  We started with a drizzle and the day could have been dreary but in the end the wind chased away the clouds, so it was dry and there were bright patches at the end of the day.  One thing is certain, yesterday was beautifully sunny in Stockholm for the marriage of Princess Victoria and Daniel who, after the ceremony, spent hours in front of the camera and the crowds.
Close to the sea, the altitude is lower but the small track our runner chose in order to avoid the National E4, is hilly; a little effort Serge!  There is a succession of farms and rural life that didn’t exist in the north.
Serge is holding to his mileage of 74 km.  This morning when he left his heart was not in the task.  This evening I ask him if he was able to enjoy the scenery.  He says yes, without sounding convinced. The team was dazzled by the continuous banks of lupines along the roads.
Another day has ended just before passing the 18,000 km mark.

Town : Borg

GPS : N 61.20’86.2° E 017.01’78 .9°