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J249 - Tuesday, June 22: Trödje - Lövstabruk

75.1km  – 9H58’
Altitude : 24m
This morning at breakfast Serge said that it’s difficult to be motivated when you have just clocked another one thousand kilometers.
We spent the night near Gävle, in a lodging where we met Johan, a Swede from Malmö.  He is living with his wife and children in Norway.  A professional diver who installs submarine fiber-optic cables, he travels all over the world.  When he returned from his jogging, he came to sit and talk with us in the TV room while the dream team watched the Spain/Honduras game.  He saw our website and is interested in our adventure.  He asked if he could run with Serge tomorrow and of course we said yes.
At 6:45 this morning Johan is present to join Serge at the start.  He leaves Serge at km 14 at the entrance to Gävle.  The 2 men talked the whole way and we observed that the rhythm at the beginning of the stage is brisker that normal for our runner, who has become used to walking for 10 minutes at the start.
It was not difficult to cross Gävle.  You can’t avoid the center of this city, which is on the sea and has 69,000 inhabitants (or 9,200 depending on your source).  Traffic is easy.  We are now on route 76, which we will not leave until we are almost in Stockholm.  There is dense traffic and a few bicycle paths would be welcome.  Big cumulus clouds look like they are suspended in the blue sky and brighten the scene.  BĂ©rengère and RenĂ© wear shorts all day and sun glasses have come out.  Serge wets his hair and neck a lot.  His appetite is good and he loves Eliane’s thick soups.
Serge leads us to the village of Lövstabruk, which is the seat of the Wallonia ironworks.  The wrought iron produced here dominated the European market for 2 centuries.  A road crosses the village and there are wrought iron gates at each end: you enter and leave the village as if you were in a private property and it gives a homey touch to this place.
We were ready to watch the France-South Africa game this evening but a phone call told us that the game was played this afternoon and that this evening “The Blues” are going home

Town : Lövstabruk (Uppland)

GPS : N 60.24’56.0° E 017.52’63 .4°