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J250 - Wednesday, June 23: Lövstabruk - Skebobruk

74.19km  – 10H14’
Altitude : 23m
Serge’s day ends with two women at his feet:  Eliane and Bérengère massage the feet of our runner, who is in heaven.  The subject of our conversation takes a light turn: prediction.  All the team members have predicted how many kilometers Serge will run on the Around the European Union Footrace.  The one who is closest to the actual kilometers run will receive 12 bottles of Champagne from the runner.  The figures they have given range from 23,154 km to 26,238 km.
If you had been able to bet, how many kilometers do you think he will run???  This is just for fun, there will be no prize.
There is a diary in the van in which the members of the support crew note the time and details of each of Serge’s refuelings during a day.   Every crew member is careful to fill in the details.  Bertrand started this project by making notes in his diary and the routine began.
It was hot running today but Serge likes it; however, the road is uncomfortable; without shoulders and on an incline, which makes him look twisted because his torso leans toward the left.  We do not recommend running against traffic but in this case it is necessary in order to anticipate danger.  Serge spent a lot of time stopping in the roadside ditch.
Since Gälve, where we have been seeing all sorts of shops, young people dressed in today’s fashion, people strolling, a McDonald’s, lots of traffic lights, bicycles, busses and taxis, color, Life.  In short, it’s the effervescence of a city and since last May 21st, in Oulu, we have forgotten what it is like.  Today we go through a few sun drenched villages.  Yesterday we finally left Norrland and entered Central Sweden, Svealand.

Town : Skebobruk (Uppland)

GPS : N 59.58’10.5° E 018.36’76 .9°