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J254 - Sunday, June 27: +6km après Jönaker - Höversby

74.10km  – 10H56’
Altitude : 81 m
Yesterday evening we found lodging at a farm which raises buffalos and we were able to admire the colossal bull who was watching over its harem and offspring.  The owners have a small shop where they sell buffalo meat and the crew had an excellent steak for dinner.
It is 6:30 AM, the sun is up and the day promises to be hot.
Serge is tired when he leaves and it shows.  For Serge, the day can be summed up: “4 tough hours, 2 terrible hours and at the end a return to feeling better, if you like.”  In brief, the day was sweltering.  Even Eliane took out her Bermudas, which just goes to show you.
This evening I ask Serge if he doesn’t feel like stopping early when, like today, his legs give out, he has run out of juice and Eliane and RenĂ© ask themselves if he isn’t going to keel over because of the way he is staggering.  He replies “Laure, you know that if I don’t do my 74 km it will be a catastrophe so I dig in and I don’t even ask myself about the possibility of shortening my stage.”
At the end of the day, when his body had given his mind a bit of respite, Serge had fun going over the history of World Cup finals since 1966 and this evening at dinner he told us all the countries, all the finalists and all the scores !!! (Only for 2002 did he have to fish a bit because he couldn’t remember who played against Germany).  For this soccer fan, It’s an exercise like any other to make his memory work (sorry to add more to your daily ration, since the disastrous defeat of the Blues), but for us, we are lucky to be spared this overdose of information or disinformation, depending on which way you look at it.
While Serge suffers under a blazing sun (30°C in the shade) the countryside rejoices; geraniums, hydrangea, roses, rhododendrons, fields of rapeseed and patches of flax.  These milder latitudes are closer to our country and my Normandy does not seem so far away.  Besides, when Lee sends me the English translation of the text, she often gives me news of the weather.  If “rain and shine” might seem like uninteresting trivia on a daily basis, I have to admit that in my life of a nomad, to know what the weather is like at home in Normandy or in France, is important!!!  It is something to hold on to……
Serge is not easy to feed today and the crew always has to be able to adapt and be understanding.  Bravo to all our faithful team: Eliane in shorts, RenĂ© with his new hair cut and BĂ©rengère, a bit stressed after our rather difficult crossing of Norrköping, a small city of 84,000 inhabitants, with an industrial history.

Town : Höversby (Östergötland)

GPS : N 58.23’24.2° E 016.02’17.2°