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J255 - Monday, June 28: Höversby - Kisa

74.05km – 10H29’
Altitude: 134 m
On the road again, again…
Run baby, Run Baby
I was on the road the whole day and the other days too…….
We have real summer temperatures in the south of Sweden, and we are happy because tonight we are eating outside.  Serge is cooked to a turn “I’m tired” he says at the end of the stage. But it doesn’t keep him from going to check on the World Cup results on the Internet and to look up a bit of history.  He tells us that France organized the world Cup in 1938.  We continue the conversation with the anecdote of 1992, where Denmark was helped in the European Cup by the loss of Yugoslavia (due to the war).  Denmark won the title!  Serge, who likes predictions, sees a final between Spain-Argentina and adds, “Spain has never reached the final.”  Serge has no doubt missed his calling as a sport journalist!!!
Roger has asked if Serge could tell us about the beautiful Swedish women and it seems that Serge has not even noticed them.  In any case, the clichĂ© tall, slim blonds, remains to be seen because we have noticed an eclectic mixture of skin colors and nationalities.  Sweden is surely a safe haven and the Swedes are neither tall nor blond….Serge sees only his feet, so ladies, if your sweetheart tends to look at pretty girls and that bothers you, make him run 74 km, which seems rather extreme.
Tonight we are lodging in a recreational vehicle park which, for once, is not deserted.  Vacation time is at its peak and from outside his motor home a man is playing his accordion; everyone gets to listen.
Since we reached Stockholm, we have seen lots of golf courses and golfers, who are enjoying this superb weather.  The birds sing, life is easy and we would love to take a few days of vacation.  We are going to have to ask our Boss-Runner to give us some days off.  Hey, Serge, what if we took it easy tomorrow at the lake?  You could make a loop and show up every 5km for your refueling, while we would go for a swim, read a book, take a walk or just hang out.  But Serge doesn’t hear us.  He is off to dream about a foot race and look at the watch that he won’t be wearing when he gets up tonight!
Basically, Serge is completely in his race and we are completely with him on the road, in our maps, in the rhythm and in the timing….
On the road again, again…
Run baby, Run Baby
I was on the road the whole day and the other days too…

Town : Kisa (Östergötland)

GPS : N 57.58’89.7° E 015.37’49.2°