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J256 - Tuesday, June 29: Kisa - Eksjö

74.36km  – 11H07’
Altitude : 228 m
School is almost over for French children and the adolescents who are studying for the “Brevet” diploma finish tomorrow.  There are classes following Serge via the Internet and giving him support with e-mails.  One is the 5th class (US 7th grade equivalent) at the Lycée Jeanne d’Arc de Saint Médard de Guizières in Gironde (his fans send a lot of e-mails which can only boost the spirit and most important of all, they will all pass to the next class when school starts in the autumn.  The second is the 4th class (8th grade US equivalent) of the Jean Renoir School in Bourges, which worked hard with their history and geography teacher to provide the country data which has been put on line regularly and this work will continue during the summer vacation.  Alain, their teacher is working with the principle of the school, Mr. Payen, and the Bourges section of the Young Directors Group, to prepare an impressive finish in the city of Bourges, scheduled for next October 12.
We have already met with these kids on the road and had an exchange of e-mails and we love it!
We know there are three other schools that are following Serge, even if we have not met them, and whose teachers are using this race to introduce the children of 7th grade to geography and other subjects.  In such a class in Secondingy, near Parthenay, each student sent us a message at the end of this school year and I would like to quote Jason: “I wish you the best of luck and above all don’t give up!  The whole 4th class at the MFR in Secondigny is with you.  Jason”
Here is a message from the children in Saint-Omer: « Hi from Mr. Meurice’s class in Saint-Omer 4AS: we wish you luck and run hard to meet us.  Thanks, hang in there. Dylan – Collège de la Morinie
Chez les plus jeunes en primaire, nous avons eu durant cette année des nouvelles de la classe de CM1 de l’école Jules Verne d’Octeville sur mer dans le 76 ainsi que des CM1/CM2 de la classe de Vattetot-sous-Beaumont (76), un jour pour faire rigoler Serge et lui changer les idées, ils lui ont envoyé une blague que voici : « - t'as fait la guerre?
During the year we have had news from the youngest children, the 7 year olds in the Jules Verne School in Octeville-sur-Mer and the 7 & 8 year olds in Vattetot-sous-Beaumont.  They sent Serge a joke to give him something to laugh about and he really liked it.
The 8 year olds in the school in Granville-Ymauville (our home town) sent a great book of drawings last January.
Thanks to the 8 year old children from the school of Saint-Etienne du Bois in the Ain department, who have been in touch and who are expecting to see us on September 28th.
I will close with the youngest: the children in the primary school of Jeanne d’Arc de Saint Médard de Guizières.  They are learning to read and write and sent us messages and a pretty greeting card.  Congratulations to their teacher, Mrs. Rabanier, who has managed to transform the European race into an adventure for these little ones.  Here are the charming comments they sent: “Hello to Serge and his team.  Thanks to you we have discovered monuments such as the Tower of Pisa, which leans but doesn’t fall! I’m thinking of you.  Louis and his friends from primary school.
7 classes in the school of Saint-Marcel took part in the contest organized by the town hall.  The theme was “Serge’s Around the European Foot Race.”  There will soon be a trophy given.  This makes us realize how time flies because Saint-Marcel is in the Eure department and it was our second city stage.  We were received there like kings by Mr. Volpatti, the Mayor, and his team.
So, best wishes to all for a wonderful summer vacation.  We will be delighted if you continue to send us e-mails because there is still quite a bit of time between now and September!!!
As for us, we continue on our way to Denmark, then Germany before reaching Luxembourg, Brussels and Amsterdam.  We will close the loop in England and Ireland, then England again before returning to the north of France on September 6 for the finale, which will last 6 weeks.

Town : Eksjö (Smaland)

GPS : N 57.38’07.8° E 014.51’99.7°