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J257 - Wednesday, June 30: Eksjö – 7km before Aby

74.10km  – 10H29’
Altitude : 196 m
The sky is full of clouds but there is no rain, thanks to the south wind, which Serge runs against all day. At this stage of the race Serge tends to like neither wind, nor rain, nor hills.  To sum it up, his extreme fatigue these past days has rendered him mute all day and nonexistent at the dinner table. The desire to go to bed takes precedence over everything else.
This is no surprise to René and Eliane, who were with Serge on the Paris-Tokyo; but it is to Bérengère, our little novice, the same as Bertrand.  Serge is neither ill, nor well, he is tired and because of this his pains are difficult to bear.  He is irritable and he knows it; but he doesn’t want us to share his pain so he wraps himself in silence.  Even in the evening, when he tends to relax, he finds it difficult to share this moment of conviviality and relaxation.  Serge’s blood pressure often falls when he stops the race and sits down, which is a painful position for him.  As long as he is standing or lying down he is OK, as soon as he sits his eyes start to glaze over, his face liquefies, his head spins and if he gets up his knees wobble.  Since 1999, during the Australian crossing, I have seen these symptoms, which no longer upset me, but they don’t set me at ease.  It only happens when it is hot, very hot: after Australia, China and Japan now for the past 2 days it has begun.  Serge perspires a lot at night.  He body eliminates the extra heat taken in, but Serge won’t listen to me: “No Laure, I will keep running my 74 km per day.  I won’t do less, at least not for the moment.”  So run, Forest, and don’t stop.  One evening not long ago I asked him if he thought he could keep this rhythm for more than a year, for 2 years or for the rest of his life, he who dreams of a perpetual race.  His reply came several hours later:  “I don’t think so.”  It proves to my modest rationality that there is a limit to everything, that this endurance race has its limits.  What are Serge’s limits??? I hope not to know before next October 17 because it will mean he has not reached them.
I hope these words don’t worry you, because generally speaking Serge is well.  As Eliane said today, he is not having hypoglycemic attacks like he did on the Paris-Tokyo.  He is eating better because his crew prepares substantial meals which he eats with appetite.  And even if his body is all pain, there is no particular worry.  Everyone is fine and the morale is high.

Town : 7km avant Aby (Smaland)

GPS : N 57.04’26.1° E 014.43’06.0°